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➸ Explore the Big Sur National Park, California USA

Freitag, 30. Juni 2017
Julia Pfeiffer National Park Big Sur California

When you spend some time on Instagram or Pinterest, you have probably come across a picture with the wonderful view like the picture above. 
Did you ever wonder where that picture was taken? The answer is very simple: at the very instagramable Julia Pfeiffer Beach at the Big Sur State Park in the middle of CaliforniaThe Big Sur is located right at the famous Highway No. 1 in the middle of Cali - THE road to take, when you're off to an road trip through California. 

What else can you explore at the Big Sur? 

Let's talk about the Highway No.1 at first. You're driving right next to the seaside at have the most stunning view at the breath taking colours of the ocean, the cliffs and just the nature. For all the drivers: don't be worry - you're not gonna miss something, there are plenty of lookout points with parking space, where you can enjoy the view, too. 

Big Sur California Highway No 1

Big Sur California Highway No 1

One gorgeous lookout is right behind the Bixby Creek Bridge. The bridge was built in 1932 and is 79m high. The bridge fits perfectly in the landscape and makes the view even more stunning. ... and of course it's a perfect spot to take breathtaking pictures. 

When you don't just want to be at the cliffs, but also down at the beach, I have a few options for you:
At the Jade Cove you can take a steep trail down to a nice bay. You wonder why the bay is called "Jade Cove"? That's because you can actually find jade down there - BUT unfortunately it is forbidden to take it home. 
At the Andrew Molera State Park you will not only find a lot of different hiking trails, but also sandy beaches which are 4 km long. 

Where to watch a good old sunset? 

Watching the sun saying goodbye is never getting boring, right? We watched a pretty one at the Pfeiffer Beach. The road down the is kind of adventures, but totally worth it. ( I have the feeling that I have a thing for beaches hidden like that :D ) It's not a big beach, but the sand is white and there are a huge rocks in the water. It's a cool vibe down there, so perfect to end the day with a pretty sunset.  

Big Sur California Highway No 1

Where to sleep at the Big Sur?

This is also a very simple answer: at the Big Sur Campground & Cabins  - it's a beautiful camping side in the woods, some grounds are located right by the river. A little path will take you to the little "village" and with little I mean little. There are literally one store and a bar. 

Big Sur California Highway No 1

Big Sur California Highway No 1

If you want to read more about California, you will find here a post about the lovely town Carmel-by-the-Sea in Northern California. Feel free to leave any tipps for the Big Sur in the comments! 

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  1. Oooh those places looks so beautiful! I would love to visit some day 😍

    1. Hiii 😊 you should really put it on your bucket list - it's such a magical place!