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➸ Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Portugal

Montag, 24. April 2017

Hello my name is Stephanie and I'm addicted to Portugal. Guess what?! Our trip to Portugal was just a dream... again. We stayed at the same hotel like two years ago (Pestana Dom João II) in Alvor, but this time we got a rental car. Therefore we could explore a lot of new places. One of them is the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos. You're at the top of the cliffs and have a more than an amazing view at the landscape around you: cliffs, lonely rocks in the ocean, the ocean, people... eh i mean birds :P. 

But what makes this place so special? Maybe you already saw on Pinterest (my page you will find here - cheeky little self promo :P) a picture of the famous stairs going directly down to the water:

You can get really close to the water and at the end of the platform you find a pool ladder going down in the ocean. But I don't really recommend going for a swim, the water is wild and the drift strong - the chance are pretty high to end up hitting the cliffs very hard.

Funny story, by the way: we've met a very sweet grandma, who was so into getting THAT shot of the ocean with all of the cliffs, she really didn't mind getting wet (we're talking about head to toe wet) caused by a few big waves down there. Hilarious! She had the time of her life. I really hope she got a few good pictures to show back at home! 

This stunning view is totally free and you can go there by bike, car, walking or tourbus. But when you're not with a tourbus, i would highly recommend to check this place out later in the afternoon, when the tourbus tourists are gone and the place isn't that crowded anymore. A lot of parking spaces are available and one or two little restaurants. When you want to experience this area with all its rocks a little more, you can go on a kayak tour. There a lot of companies who offer a 2hours to a day trip at the harbour in Lagos. 

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