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Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Happy New Year everybody!!! 
Yes I know, I am probably the last person to say this. But better late, than never ?! I hope you had a lovely break from all the craziness out there and I really hope you had a muuuuch better start into 2017 than I had. 
What a 2017 brought me so far? The flue, a broken laptop and a smashed iPhone. Let's just not talk about it. 

What I've been up to the last few weeks? At the beginning of December I moved in with my boyfriend to our first flat. The thing I am most thrilled about - except from seeing my boyfriend everyday and not spending the weekends in a train - is our washing machine. Everybody who doesn't have one will understand how amazing this life upgrade is :P.  

Let's see, what else is going on? Ah, yes study study study. In February I have to write a tone of exams. So I managed to sit down and got back into my university stuff. Pretty boring. 

What is going to happen in 2017? What are my aims and travel goals? Honestly I have absolutely no idea - at the moment 2017 is for me a big blur and a mystery. I will have to make some life decisions later this year and I am very curious myself how they will turn out. 
Travel plans? Of course I always want to travel, but I am not having big plans for this year. Except from one week in Portugal this March, I haven't made any plans yet. But I am very excited about Portugal - you all know how much I love this country and we will going back to a hotel in Alvor, where we stayed 2 years ago. 

My plans for this Blog. I love blogging and making videos. But at the moment I have to put my exams first. I am going to try uploading stuff, but I don't know how frequently it will be. I have so much ideas to write about and sooo much footage to show you. 
Please just hang on - in March I will have more time again and I am planing to get fully back into blogging again.

XXX Steffi :) 

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