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Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

FINALLY! This day has come!! In the post "How to Nuremberg: secret garden in St. Johanni" I’ve already mentioned that Nuremberg and I are not getting along very well. I’ve really tried to make it work. However, I give up. After 2 years of trying I reached a point where I am not happy at all, I am lonely and have very strong negative feelings about this city. My marks in school have dropped and one of the reasons is that I am not feeling comfortable here. Therefore, I’ve decided to move in with my boyfriend (how exciting???) and finish my studies from there. I have to come back to Nuremberg about ones a month for exams or meetings, but that’s alright.
So GOOD BYE Nuremberg and HELLO Tübingen. I am so looking forward to be closed to my friends again and to live in a Bundesland (state) where the shops are open until 10pm or later!

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