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Freitag, 11. November 2016

On every trip I go my Polaroid Camera always follows me. Of course by now this is a huge trend and a lot people got a one. However, for me taking polaroid pictures is something special. I’ve wanted a camera like this since I have been a little kid. Then in 2008 Polaroid announced they were going to stop producing cameras and the foto paper because of insolvency proceedings. The dream to take pictures, which were printed right away seemed to be gone! BUT! YAY, in 2010 polaroid cameras were back with the Polaroid 300 and the Fujifilm Instax Mini. In 2014 my dream came true and I got my very own one. 

But what is the thrill about this kind of pictures? Why spending so much money for the instant film packs? I like that you have just one shot. You think about how to take his picture much more carefully. You can’t take 20 in row and decide which one is the best and delete the rest afterwards. Also you have it in your hand on paper, you see how it is developing until it is an actual picture and you don’t have it just on your phone. 

I use my shots on moments which are special to me like my birthday party or unique and memorable places.

Here are my favorite shots I took so far:


Sunrise, Acadia National Park

Harry Potter Studios, London

Lake of Constance

Indian Summer, White Mountains

Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire



If you wondering mine is the Polaroid 300 in red.

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