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➸ Hotel Story time: Becoming a hotel manager in Rome

Montag, 14. November 2016

Did you ever dream about becoming a hotel manager?  Personally, I never did. But on a weird evening in Rome, my friend and me managed a little hotel for about an hour. How did that happen? Yep, this is a really good question! 
Firstly, I have to say that this was a top rated hotel on and there were some language issues involved. When we arrived the manager said that he wanted to give us a better room, but it wasn't ready. So he asked us if we could watch the desk and hand over the keys to other customers. I am not exactly sure if he even told us to pick up the phone, like I said there were some language issues. So here we were in a hotel somewhere in Rome, sitting at the other side of the check-in desk. After the manager disappeared with the elevator upstairs we looked at each other and couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes.The situation was so unreal. And yes other hotel guests came in to pick up their keys. 

But this whole thing got even weirder, when the man came back and asked if one of us could come with him upstairs to look at the room. I volunteered knowing that my friend had 911 on speed dial. Upstairs he showed me the room, not finished at all. He was so overstrained by getting this room ready that I told him just to clean the bathroom and to leave some fresh sheets so i could do the bed by myself. I had the feeling that he was so glad that someone told him what to do, because he knew that he just produced chaos. So he did what I told him and I went downstairs to my very worried friend. Half an hour later we left our place behind the check-in desk and moved to our room. 

I can say this was one of the weirdest hotel experiences ever. At least we had an rooftop balcony with a stunning view over the city. After we checked out he kindly asked us to write a top review on, because he got us a better room! 
yeeeeah, sure.
So after all we knew why this hotel was top-rated! 
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