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➸ Some Facts about Airplanes

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

In the post “My secret hobby – plane spotting” I told you about my weird obsession with planes. Therefore, I wanted to share some little facts I found out over the years.

Take-off and touch-down speed
A lot of people are surprised when they hear about the speed of an aircraft during take-off and landing. Here are two examples:
 Boeing 737 with two turbines:
Take-off: 230km/h
Touch-down: 200km/h
The famous double-decker A380 with 4 turbines
Touch-down: 230km/h (290t)

Is it possible to lock up an airplane?
No it’s not! For safety reasons there are no locks on the doors of an airplane. But how you can provide anybody to break in? Of course on airports there are securities and cameras. But you have also the option to put on a sealing label.

Contrails result mostly from water, which froze to ice crystals. To let that happen it takes a very cold surrounding and dry air. Therefore, contrails develop often from a height of 8km.

The distance between planes
In the air there has to be a distance between airplanes from 5,6km to 14,8km. When the airplanes are about to land and are string like a pearl necklace, the distance needs to be about 5,6km.

Fastest Airplane
Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird with 3529km/h (or 2192,819 mph)

The longest Non-Stop Flight
Until 2013 the longest non-stop flight was operated between Singapore and New York City. Can you imagine a nearly 16000 long flight? Crazy! At the moment the 3 longest flights are:
Dubai – Panama City by Emirates, 13800 km
Dubai – Auckland by Emirates, 14200 km

Doha – Auckland by Qatar Airways, 14500 km

The Shortest Non-Stop Flight
… is operated by Logainair between Westray and Papa Westray, Sottland. This flight takes nearly 2 minutes and only 2,8km. 

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