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➸ The New England Trip Overview

Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

 Helloooooo:))))) I know, I know it’s one week later then I promised! But I needed the last week to get back in the rhythm. Jetlag is bothering me a little bit, I’ve been back to work and today is also “Back-to-university”-day and I still have to sort out my courses (upsi).

But I am so excited to show you all the wonderful places we’ve been to. It was just 
a m a z i n g! When you get the chance to travel to New England around fall, just to it! It’s magical and so different from our European autumn.

To give you a little overview, I want to talk you through our travel route today.

We started off our trip in Boston. After 2 days (plus the arriving day) we picked up our car and drove North along the coast line to a little town called Hampton, where we just spent the night in a Motel. 

The next day our trip continued along the coast with a lot of spots here and then until we arrived in Portland. Here we spent one night in a lovely AirBnB, which we didn’t want to leave at all, because we felt so welcome and homely. But there were new adventures coming along. After we discovered Portland and had the best Donuts of our lives, we drove all the way up to the Acadia National Park. And let me tell you, it’s my favourite National Park in the USA and I have been to a few. We’ve stayed for 3 days and afterwards we drove to Northwest to discover to White Mountains … or how I would say “HELLO FALL FOLIAGE” in all of its beauty. Of course we drove along the famous “Kancamagus Highway” and stopped over in Lincoln, where we rented a little cabin. 

Our last stop was Cape Cod. On the way down there, we took a break in Lexington and Concord, which is famous for the first battles in the American Revolutionary War. On Cape Cod we’ve been to Province Town and a tons of beaches. One of a lot of highlights: we went to a Cranberry Harvest Fest, such a cool experience. Our last day we spent in Cambridge/Boston, where we discovered the Harvard University by floating around, because of the heavy rain. But just go with New England wasn’t either happy about us leaving.

Also I want to inform you that I filmed sooo much during the whole trip! So there will be coming a lot of videos on my YouTube Channel hej.skycrapes for you. I want to create an own category for this video series. I am not sure yet how to call it, but it will contain “New England” and “Fall”. So keep your eyes out for these!

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  1. So schön! V.a. das erste Foto!
    Ich hoffe, du bist wohlbehalten zurückgekehrt und verdaust den Kulturschock schnell.