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➸ My updated travel bucket list

Montag, 24. Oktober 2016
A year ago I posted two blog posts about what places I really wanted to visit in the future. Unfortunately, they’ were written in German, if you’re interested anyway the first part you will find here and the second here.

But let’s have a little recap! What was on my list?

Great Wall of China
Cape Town
Harry Potter World 
Glastonbury Festival
Death Valley
Salt Desert in Bolivia
Niagara Falls
Whale Watching
Change of guards at the Buckingham Palace 
The equator
Sequoias in California
San Diego
Polar lights
New Zealand
Venice, Italy
Burning Man Festival
Harbour Bridge, Hamburg
Indian Summer in New England 
Machu Picchu
Mount Rushmore
Rio de Janeiro
Yellow Stone National Park
Spring with cherry blossom in Japan

A year later I can definitely tick off a few places of my list:
 Last year we’ve been to London and visited the Harry Potter Studios and saw the change of guards at the Buckingham Palace. The Harry Potter Studios were amazing, the guard change something fun, but not that spectacular. 

And of course I can tick off “Indian Summer in New England” and “Maine” also. Fell in love and will come back. No doubts.

So do I want to add some new destinations to my must-see-list? It’s just one place, but YES! Iceland is on top of my list at the moment. I really like to go next year J.
So, but now I wanna know what’s your favorite destination on your travel bucket list, you're dying to see? 
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