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➸ How to Road Trip

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016
road trip hacks

I’ve done quite a few road trips in my life. Along these trips I collected some cool and some really simple tricks to make your life much easier and avoid unnecessary argues.

Google Maps
 When you have a rental car you have 2 options to save money on the satnav. The first one: you bring your own one, but make your sure the maps you need are on it. The second is very simple, too. Just download the Google Maps app on your phone and turn on the location service. This is even working when you have no internet/Wi-Fi connection. You can’t use the navigation to a certain direction. But you see a blue point, which is showing your current situation and the co-pilot can navigate the driver to the right place. This is how we travelled the whole way through New England.  

Make sure you put all the import stuff and things you need a lot in constant places in the car. So you avoid searching for hours for your belongings and the panic that you lost something. Everybody knows where what is and is happy.

The Entertainment
Sometimes the radio has no reception or it’s nothing on, you want to listen to. Therefore, make sure you packed your aux cable and have some cool music or audio books on your phone. (By the way my favourite road trip songs, you find here)

road trip hacks

Eating on the go
Pack some plastic cutlery and Tupperware. So you can eat the remains from the day before or cereal on the way and you can spend less money in restaurants. And make sure you have always some snacks and enough to drink with you. Sometimes the next supermarket is longer away than you expected.

Car games
There are so many! We like to guess the towns where cars are from by their plates. In Germany the first 1-3 letters stand for a town where the car is registered. Sometimes you discover cities you never heard of before. Or we list the federal states of the US with their capitals. These little games keep our mind busy and make time flies by in for example a traffic jam.

The route
I love to plan things, especially our holiday trips. So it’s cool, when you know which route you’re going on your road trip, but leave room for some stops in unplanned locations. You can discover cool and unexpected things. Also when you have time take the longer route, not the highway, but the road through little villages or along the coastline with a breath taking view … often road is the longer road the more beautiful road.

road trip hacks

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