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➸ How to Nuremberg: Documentation Centre

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

The Documentation Centre is a museum located in the unfinished building of the congress hall at the “Reichsparteitagsgelände”. Inside you will find a permanent exhibition called “Faszination und Terror” (fascination and terror) and also changing exhibitions with certain topics all around the Third Reich (until 6th January 2017 it is about survivors in the KZs).

 The main exhibition informs you of course about the terror caused by the Nazis, but especially what has particular happened in Nuremberg. It’s showing you how the Nuremberg Rally was created for the big NS-propaganda and how this building you’re in was a part in all of that.

The walk through the building is covered with a lot of information boards. Here and there you have a little break with short movies. Many things they teach you about this time, I had personally already known from school or other museums. But there were some new things I never saw before, like drawings from former students in school. These drawings show how the students were educated about Jewish people and saw them after they were totally brainwashed. Further the exhibition has some really interesting documents about the Nuremberg Trials.

It’s not the best museum I’ve ever been to, but I think it’s very interesting to see how Nuremberg was involved as a location in the Third Reich and the building is very impressive. Also I think it’s important to know the history, especially in the country or city, you live in. Education and elucidation are helping to prevent that something like this will happen again.

Opening hours
Mo - Fr  9am – 6pm
Sa, So 10am – 6pm

Admission Fees
Adults 5€

Reductions 3€

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