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➸ What's in my hand luggage ... the liquid edition

Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

In my last “what’s in my hand luggage” edition I spared out the liquids. So here they are … let’s jump right into it!

Firstly, the very important stuff: skincare. I never ever travel (especially fly) without a very rich moisturiser. My skin responds very badly to air cons on planes or trains. Here I have the “aqua balance cremegel” from a German brand called “Alverde”. For my under-eye-area I use the “Balea” roll on, perfect for some refreshment. But before I apply my skin care, I of course take my make-up off. So I always carry around a liquid make-up remover or some wipes. Afterwards I use a facial wash like the “simple – kind to skin moisturising facial wash”.

Hair and body
When I’m away just for a week or a few days I never take a full sized shampoo, conditioner or body wash. I collected a few mini versions and always refill them before I go.  Something which has just recently become a constant travel buddy is my dry shampoo. Let me tell you: after a long flight or a night at the airport it can make a huge difference. Here I have the German version of the “Aussie – Miracle dry shampoo”.
To avoid annoying everybody around you because of a bad smell, I put on a deodorant. I can highly recommend a roll on deodorant, because sometimes they don’t let you on an airplane with an aerosol spray. Additionally, I have travel-sized perfume with me. At the moment it is the “Daydream from Aerie”.  Love it!   

Uncategorized things
What is a tooth brush without its tooth paste? So these two belong definitely in my clear plastic bag.  Just as something for the lips. I love to take a classic:  the “Elisabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream”. It’s perfect for your lips, not just on long-haul flights, but in general. My last thing I can’t go without is an anti-bacterial hand gel. Travel transportations are covered with tons of bacteria. So it’s nice to use something like the “pocket bag from bath and body works” now and then.

What’s your favourite liquid you can’t miss while you travel the world?

Kommentare on "➸ What's in my hand luggage ... the liquid edition"
  1. Ich finde es auch immer wieder eine Herausforderung alles mit an Bord zu haben! Aber Du scheinst sehr gut organisiert und hast echt an alles gedacht :) Denke das wichtigste an Bord, ist der Haut genügend Feuchtigkeit zugeben. Ich benutze total gerne den Activated Moisturizer von Kiehl´s. Sonnige Grüße, Nina

  2. Der steht auch auf meiner Liste :) Mit der Haut hab ich leider immer Probleme, bekomme sofort Pickel und rote Flecken von der Klimaanlage! Liebe Grüße auch an dich :)