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➸ A Postcard from Porto

Dienstag, 6. September 2016

If you haven’t noticed yet: I adore Portugal with all of its beauty and culture. Therefore, today’s “postcard” comes from Porto, Portugal. The town isn’t as neat or renovated as Lisbon, but when you look closely you will find less tourists and a lot of the beautiful hidden charm.

The sights

Here is a list of my favourite sights I think worth visiting

The lanes
Just wander around. You will discover the findest places by just ambling through the streets and lanes. You can admire the beautiful houses with lots of differently- coloured tiles at the façade. Explore a hidden market in an old train station. You never know what comes next. By the way, the old town centre was declared as a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1996. Pretty cool, huh?

The Bookstore “Lello”
 Of course I have to mention the Lello. There is a reason why every tourist ever is wandering to this little shop: when you enter you will probably gasp, because it’s so amazing. Lello opened in 1869 and still has some books from this time at the bookshelves on top of the rooms. Rumour has it, that good-old J.K. Rowling has been inspired by this very shop for some bits of Harry Potter. So go and check it out! 

Trainstation St. Bento
Another landmark, another beauty. The walls are covered in tiles, which together form pictures about the history of Porto. 

The “Duoro”
This is the name of the river, which winds its way through Porto. At the same time, it’s the centre of good times. Enjoy a glass of wine during the day or in the evening with the best view. Everybody is meeting up, hanging around and just loving life. Walk along the promenade “Ribeira“ and take a look at another collection of amazing old houses. My special recommendation: walk across the bridge “Ponte Dom Luis I”, inspired by Gustav Eiffel and designed by Théophile Seyrig. You will have another breath taking view over the thousands of red rooftops and the river.

The Cable Car
After crossing the bridge, you will find yourself in “Vila Nova de Gaia” at the top of a hill. You have three options now: Going the way back you come from (a bit boring, right?), taking the steps down OR taking the cable car, which gives you a ride down to the water front.  

The Wine tasting
Porto is famous for its Port wine. In Vila Nova de Gaia a lot of little charming distilleries are located. “Taylor’s” is supposed to be the one to go to for an excellent view - but unfortunately it was closed on the day we went there. So I can’t confirm that fact.

The Eating

In Porto you can eat a lot of good stuff. And even better it’s pretty cheap also. On every corner you find a little traditional bakery with little pastries. Even though it originally is from Lisbon, you have to try a “Pastel Nata”. A little puff pastry with a delicious crème filling.
“Francecinha” is Porto’s famous dish. It’s made of toasts, ham, cheese and some other weird things. Based on my friends’ judgment it tastes quite good.
Last but not least, I want to recommend a little Italian restaurant. I know we’re talking about Italian food in Portugal, BUT! They served the best Pizza of my life. The ambience is nice and the wine is tasty. I am talking about the “Presto Pizza” in the district “Baixa”.

The Sleeping

We stayed at a super cute Airbnb, called “Camelia“ run by Anna. Perfect location, quite cheap and super comfy. But just like the food, Hotels and Airbnb’s are very affordable. I’m sure you will find a good alternative.  

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