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➸ A Postcard from Joshua Tree National Park

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

The Joshua Tree National Park, named after the famous Joshua Tree  is just a stone’s throw away from Palm Springs. What’s so special about this place? Here in south eastern California two deserts meet: the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert.

The landscape is incredible and unique: trees, cacti, sand and a lot of huge stones. Sounds boring, but it is actually pretty cool. Many fashion related companies and magazines do their photoshoots in this National Park.

When you’re done with your personal photoshoot, you can go on a hike or do some rock climbing. But the highlight will reveal itself when it’s getting dark: you can actually see the milky way and a tons of other stars. This year the National Park Service, including over 400 park sites in the USA, celebrates its 100-year anniversary. For this occasion, the service organizes the “Night Sky Festival” from 28 -30 October 2016. 

Camping is very affordable with $15 per site per night at campgrounds without water, with water $20. So when you’re on a road trip with friends, you can share the money and it’s just a couple of bucks each.

 When you’re in the area go and check it out. Me and my friend really loved it and had a lot of fun climbing around the rocks.

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