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Freitag, 23. September 2016

Even though it wasn’t love at first sight, my favourite city on this planet earth is New York City. A lot of crazy and great memories happened there. So what is the best way to keep these special moments in your everyday life? Of course you can hang up pictures. But another nice option are books. I am obsessed with books. But I am even more obsessed with books about New York City. Therefore, I collected a few of them (and I bet these aren’t the last ones) and today I want to share them with all of you.

Something for everyday: table calendar
This is a calendar with pictures and quotes about the City for every day of the year. The perfect little thing to cheer your day up in the morning or to give you a break from work. This one is the TASCHEN365, Day-by-Day, New York” from  “Taschen Verlag.

Something for the kitchen: NY Cooking book.
New YorkCult receipts”,  from Murdoch Books , has all the classic NYC cooking recipes in it. You can choose from a classic cheeseburger, Jewish food to fancy Asian soup. Yummy! … and I think I already found my next cooking book: “I heart NY” 

Something for the eyes: coffee-table books
Flick through these kinds of books and you end up discovering a new place you want to go to or having a nostalgic trip back to the places you’ve been before. I don’t mind either of them.
Here are the three coffee-table books I collected so far: The first one is from “Dumont” 
The second one is from a publisher called “Kunth” 
The last book is about the street art of Banksy ( I think you heard of him) in New York, “Banksy in New York” from “Carnage NYC”.

Something for the next trip: Travel guides
When you love the City just like me, you always wanna plan your next trip, even when you don’t know when it’s gonna happen!  
Here I have two out of many options for you:  the New York guide from “Dorling Kinsley”  or a very old one “ Book of New York Walks”from the Time Out/ Penguin. This is a very old one I got from a flea market, but I love it.

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