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➸ My little secret Hobby: plane spotting

Freitag, 30. September 2016

Everybody has got a little weird hobby or obsession. Mine? I am all about the planes and the airports. I don’t know where it has come from, since I had been a little kid I was fascinated with these things. Frankfurt Airport with all the busy people, the luggage and the long hall ways to the gates? I was in love and still am.
 I remember when we went on a family vacation – we were veeeeery late like always – I ran behind my stepmother and drove her crazy as hell. Why? Because I repeated e v e r y single airport announcement: All passengers booked on flight LH 3647 to Hong Kong … Till today she rolls her eyes when this story comes up.

The paradox? Since 2011 I’ve got fear of flying. This story and how I handle it I will tell you sometime else. But I am still fascinated and every time I see an airplane I shout and point: “PLANE”.

If you’re also interested in this kind of stuff (or just curious), here are some helpful websites from the internet.

Of course this website needs to be on the list. Wanna know if your loved ones arrived somewhere in the world you check it out. OR if you see a plane in the sky and want to know where it’s coming from and where it’s heading to. You learn also about the different types of aircrafts, speed or altitude.

Going on a flight and want to know if there are going to be turbulences? This is your platform! 

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1 Kommentar on "➸ My little secret Hobby: plane spotting"
  1. Haha :D
    Du kannst ja mal mit dem Arne spotten gehen. :D Mit Flugzeugen hat er noch eine größere Obsession als mit Zügen. :D Oder ihr könnt Fotos austauschen...
    Zwei große Lieben mit demselben Hobby <3