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➸ My favorite road trip songs

Donnerstag, 15. September 2016
A road trip isn’t a road trip without good music. Whether you are stuck in traffic or have another 200km to go, music makes it more fun. You can have a nice solo concert on your own or do a duet with your new-founded band aka your travel buddies.
Here are my favourite road trip songs:

The Red Hot Chili Pepper Song

It’s my favourite Band ever, so of course on my road trip playlist have to be at least one song of them. Here I’ve chosen a classic:

The Highschool Musical Song

When you are about to pull an all-nighter you need something stupid to sing along. A Highschool Musical Song is a perfect choice. You know the words by heart and it keeps you wide awake.

The 90s Songs

I’m a 90s kid. All my childhood road trips with my parents have been filled with tones of 90s music. Some old 90s trash hits are always fun.



The Oldies but goldies

Here you find the good old hits, you’re never getting tired of hearing them.





And of course some new fancy songs :) 



What’s your favourite road trip song?
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