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➸ My favorite lookouts

Freitag, 9. September 2016

I don’t know why, but when you look down on a city from above it always has something terrifying. Especially when you’re enjoying the view at sunset or how it’s called: the golden hour. Every city or town turns into a magical place and shows itself from a different ankle.

These are my favourite lookouts I’ve been so far. I’ve been to a few, but these stuck in my head.

Rockefeller, NYC
Every time I am in the City I have to come here at sunset. It’s the most incredible view above Manhattan and beyond. The City is covered in golden light and everything looks so peaceful. On the one side you can look downtown to the Statue of Liberty and on the other side you look at the wonderful Central Park. I hope next time I am there I will be up the Rockefeller to see the sunrise.

Eiffel Tower, Paris
A classic and a must see, when you’re in the most romantic city of the world. When you have problems looking through open metallic stairs, then better take the elevator. However, the view is stunning and its worth waiting a little while for a ticket.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Just looking at this hotel is really cool, because it’s so futuristic and different. It’s famous for its infinity pool. But unfortunately you just gain access to it when you’re a visitor of the hotel. Of course the hotel offers a view from an observatory deck for everybody else. My advice for you: instead of spending $20 Singapore for an observatory deck, just go up to one of the bars, have the same view and spend the money on a nice cocktail. We were at the “Cé la Vie” at night times and had a pretty cool view over the city.

Lookout, Vancouver  
The Lookout is located at the harbour front in Vancouver. You can look at everything the city is offering: Stanley Park, the mountains, the harbour and the cute old houses in Gastown. Another amazing place to be at sunset.

Gellért Hill, Budapest
At the top of the hill you find the Statue of Liberty of Budapest holding a giant feather up inthe air. From up there you overlook the Danube river with the Liberty Bridge and the Parliament. The area of Gellért Hill was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

What's your favorite lookout? Any recommendations? :) 

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