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➸ How to survive a long-haul flight

Dienstag, 27. September 2016

Tomorrow I will sit in a plane for about 10 hours, off to Boston (yeah finally!). And again I ask myself the question: what will you do in this time? I like to sleep on a plane, however this doesn’t work every time. So, here are some tips what I do on a long-haul flight. 

Talk to your neighbor
I met so many interesting people on long-haul flights. When I headed to Singapore in April I talked to a man who’s living in Hamburg, but is originally from the Lebanon. His life journey was so interesting, that we talked the hours away.

The entertainment system, obviously
Movies, TV series, music and some games. Most airlines have a pretty big collection of their entertainment system. Definitely go and check it out!

Bring your own entertainment system
When you’re bored of the on-board-entertainment, pull out your own one! I like to bring travel board games, books, crossword puzzles or magazines. While finding answers to tricky riddle, you don’t notice that you already pass Iceland.

Something to listen to
Music is always a good idea. But audiobooks are definitely also a good option. On Spotify you will find an excellent repertory of audiobooks. I highly recommend “The Rosie Effect”. At the moment I am totally all about Sherlock Holmes.

Do stuff, you always postpone
You bring your laptop anyway? Perfect, so you can make a backup or sort out your hard disk. Or how about learning the new language or knitting skills you always wanted? A 10 hours something flight is a good start!

And DON’T forget to drink enough water! You will feel so much better during and after that flight. Your skin is very grateful and you adjust a lot faster to the new time zone. 

So next time you hear from me, I hopefully gonna be in Boston, Massechusetts :) 
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