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Hello and welcome back!

Montag, 5. September 2016

Oh, something changed? YES! 
I decided to blog from now on in this lovely language called English! Because I am not in school anymore I rarely get the chance to write something in English. But I still want to improve my language skills, especially in the writing division – that has always been my weak spot. Unfortunately, my English isn’t perfect. I will try my very best. 

 But some other things are new, too. Saw the new categories? In “A postcard from” I will share my travel experiences and reviews with you. In “the story department” you will find some funny stories about my journeys around the globe. And I think the category “useful stuff” explains itself.

Aaaand at last but not least, there will be coming new posts coming your way from Monday to Friday. On Wednesday we will have a “Video Wednesday”. I love making Videos, so why not combine this passion with my excitement for travel. 

Enough with the blabla! Feel free to comment, share or/and follow me on insta/twitter/YouTube. Hope to see you tomorrow. 

XXX Steffi

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